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Motor city casino stella romanowski free pocket pc casino game The final element is whether there is any legal justification for Plaintiffs confinement; for the reasons stated in the previous paragraph, the Court finds that a jury can find for Plaintiff on this element, too. In comparative terms, however, because Romanski was not beaten, charged or tried, the conduct here was not as reprehensible as the defendants' conduct in some of the civil rights cases we have canvassed. Romanski that she had lost all of her rights, and that she was banned from the boom casino damage town.

Her Second Amended Complaint contains the following four counts:. Defendants filed a motion for summary judgment on these counts. The Court shall now describe the facts surrounding Plaintiffs action, and will then briefly describe the procedural history of this action. Stella RomansM, a grandmother of nine children, and her two friends, Ms. Dorothy Dombrowski and Ms. Linda Holman, enjoyed spending time together by periodically visiting casinos in the Detroit area.

On August 7,Ms. Romanski, and her two friends took advantage of a promotion offered by Defendant MotorCity Casino. In particular, in the morning, a casino bus would pick up patrons in Sterling Heights, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroitand would drive them to free no download casino gaming casino. The patrons would then spend several hours in the casino, and, in the evening, a casino bus would return the patrons to Sterling Heights.

Romanski citg her friends arrived at the casino late in the morning, roughly around They had agreed to split up, however, they would meet each other for lunch at the buffet at 1: After they went their separate ways, Ms. Romanski headed towards the "nickel" slot machines. Over the course of the next hour, she primarily played at one machine. While she was walking uncasville casino, she noticed that there was a token worth five cents lying in the tray of an abandoned slot machine.

She picked it up and took it with her. When she returned to the slot machine that she had been playing, she put a twenty-dollar bill into the machine, along with the five cent token. What happened next is subject to dispute. Romanski alleges that she began playing the machine again; she testifies that she knew that she played it thirteen times because she counted her money when she returned home. While she was playing the machine, four security officers surrounded her, and asked to her to accompany them.

The security officers, still surrounding her, led her to the prevent online gambling security office.

When they got gold nugget casino las vegas the security office, Ms. Romanski was seated at a desk, and three female security officers surrounded her. One officer informed Ms. Romanski began to cry at the thought that she, a casion of nine children, could commit a crime.

The security officers made her cash out. A security officer, however, kept one of the two nickels; this way, casinp casino had recovered romanowski money that was stolen from it. Afterwards, the security officers took a photograph of Ms. Romanski, and photocopied her driver's license. A security officer also asked for Ms. Romanski's Ctiy Security number; while Ms. Romanski was hesitant to surrender such information romanowski first, the security officer told Ms.

Romanski that she the tropicana hotel casino a romanodski afterwards Ms. Romanski surrendered the information. A few minutes later, a woman approached Ms.

Romanski, and informed her that she was banned from the casino for six months, british casino that she had to leave. It occurred to Ms. Romanski that it was almost time for her to meet her friends for lunch, accordingly, she requested to at least have lunch with her friends; a security officer, however, denied stellw request, and informed Ms.

Romanski that she had lost all of her rights, and that she was banned from the casino. Romanski was informed that she had to leave the casino, three security officers escorted her out of the casino. Romanski stated that she felt sick, and that she wanted to use the bathroom. While they let Ms. Romanski use the restroom, one of the female security officers followed her casiino the restroom, and casino in alantic city followed Ms.

Romanski into her stall. Romanski was done with the restroom, the security officers escorted her to the valet area. They pointed to an area some distance away, and stated that her bus would arrive there at 3: After the security officers left, Ms. Romanski used a cellular telephone to contact her friends and inform them that she had been banned from casjno casino.

Her friends thought it was a joke at first, and could not believe that Ms. Romanski would steal anything. Steella asked casino personnel if what Ms. Romanski told them was true. Sometime later, casino personnel informed Ms.

Romanski's friends that Ms. Romanski was banned from the casino for theft. Romanski left the valet area and walked over to the area where she was told to go in order to wait for a bus to take her home. After she crossed Grand River Ave.

Romanski was not allowed back into the casino, she had to wait outside on a hot day for the next bus to arrive. A short time later, Ms. Romanski's two friends found her. The three women went back to the casino, and waited in the vestibule area in order to get out of the heat.

Casino security officers noticed that Ms. Romanski had re-entered the casino; they approached the three women and informed them that Ms. Romanski was banned, and had to wait outside. In response, one of Ms. Dombrowski, stated that she thought that this was a "stupid" situation. One of the security officers took offense to the comment, and accused Ms. Dombrowski of calling the security officer stupid, and began to physically intimidate Ms. The three women then left the casino again, and waited for the bus to take them back to Sterling Heights.

Defendants' account of the facts is different. Romanski take a token worth a nickel out of the tray of a slot machine that she was not playing. She then saw Ms. Romanski prepare to play the token; Ms. Romanski placed the token in the slot machine, but motor city she had a chance to play it, Defendant Marlene Brown approached Ms.

Romanski, and informed Ms. Romanski stlela she had taken casino property. Defendant Marlene Brown explained that the casino cify a policy in casino stella it considered money left in a tray of a slot machine to be casino property, and that Ms. Romanski had therefore taken casino casino crystal theater windsor. Romanski became hostile and raised her voice in objection.

Defendant Marlene Brown, who was new at doing undercover security work, signaled to the other undercover security officers, Defendants Gloria Brown and Robert Edwards, that she needed assistance. When it appeared that Ms.

Romanski was not going to motor city casino stella romanowski down, they decided to take her to the security office; during her deposition, Defendant Marlene Brown romanowski That's when I was instructed to bring her to csino office. Defendants also state that after Ms. Romanski was taken to the security office, the decision was made to ban her from the casino largely because she continued to be hostileeven belligerent.

Indeed, Defendant Marlene Brown stated during her deposition that Ms. Romanski was banned from the casino "[blecause of her attitude," and not because she committed a "crime. After she was banned, Ms. Romanski was led to the air-conditioned valet area, where she was allowed to remain until her bus arrived.

Defendants state that Ms. Romanski freely chose to leave the valet romanowski and wait outside in the heat. Romanski met with her friends, the three women decided to wait in the lobby of the casino until their bus arrived. When Defendant Marlene Brown approached to ask Ms.

Romanski to leave, Ms. Romanowsi friends began to yell at Defendant Marlene Brown and call her "stupid. These are the disputed facts. The parties do not dispute the fact that the casino has a policy that states that tokens found in the trays of abandoned slot romanowski are considered casino property, and no one, except the person who won it, has a right to pick up such a token.

If, however, a token is found on the floor, anyone can pick it up and keep it.

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